Sudeep to shoot in New York for his Hollywood debut ‘Risen’


Kannada Film industry’s ‘Abhinaya Chakravarthy’ aka Sudeep is all set for a huge break in his acting career as he is debuting in Hollywood through ‘Risen’. Directed by Eddie Arya the upcoming movie is being produced by his executive producer Nagendra Jayaram.

The latest reports about the movie is that Kichha will soon fly to New York to shoot for Risen. The actor has already completed shooting the first schedule in Australia and his film-makers Eddie and Nagendra Jayaram where recently in Bangalore to finish the process of getting Sudeep as part of the movie.

Speaking to a leading daily, the film-maker Eddie has said, “We also shot for his first look for the film, which we plan to release on social media and to the press soon,”. The happy director continued to say that, “Thanks to Nagendra, who is a software professional from Bengaluru and an aspiring filmmaker, who helped the team get Sudeep as part of the cast”.

Risen, a science-fiction flick will portray the after-effects of a meteorite shower and the subsequent threat to the world. Sudeep will be playing the role of an Indian who is based in New York which is a crucial role in the movie. His portions will be shot in New York soon.

However, even the sportive executive producer Nagendra had to say something about the movie, he revealed that “We contacted Sudeep and our first meeting was over a video call. He was very upbeat about everything.

Sudeep to shoot in New York for his Hollywood debut 'Risen'

We were also thrilled that a big star like him was so down-to-earth and enthusiastic about the project. Our final paperwork was supposed to be in Australia a month ago, but Sudeep was tied up with some prior commitments. This was when we decided to come to India and complete the formalities”.


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